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दीक्षान्त समारोह फोटो

Why is astrology necessary?
      Astrology is on torn of light of we mix them, it means then astrology is lord of light. The lord of light is sun god. The Sun god directs the whole universe. Today's scientists also admit the speed of light. In universe whenever the speed of light year. Universe is such which is not possible in kilometers miles. Light completes the distance of one lakh eighty six thousand three hundred miles in one second. The effect of this light talls on our mind. So the thoughts of mind remain changeable. Astrology is a interesting solid and seriuos sbject. At acts as giude in making easy the unkhown and hard ways of life. Some times it happens that medicines and doctors become unsuccesaful against any disease and give advice to do prayer entrealy. At on such time prayers worships, blessings, hocus-pocus, devotions are done with the advice of astrologers, them only we can get immediate and complete cure. Astrology is a proper and solid means of future planning. Many people ask question then when astrology is complete in itself, then why the forecastings are proveed wrong. There is no defect or shortage in astrology. Due to incomplete knowledge the calculations of astrologists remains less where as the whole astrology gets defane. In this scintific age of today many successful businessmen, politions, senior officers etc., heve reached at the top of progress after geting the giudence from Vastu-shastra, astrolgogy and science of numbers (arithmetic). There is no necessity to have doubt regarding astrology. In astrology there is mostly knowledge of problems. For the more knowledge of edcation.

      Astrology is an interesting, subtle and serious subject. It facilitates the functions of guiding of unknown, pathless and inaccessible life. Never - ever happens that a disease, drugs and physician next to fail and would say that prayer and pray at a time prayer, worship, blessing instruments - mantras - chanting - charity, go be with the advice of astrologers That, rash and receive full benefits. Astrology future plans appropriate and accurate instrument. Many people have questions that astrology is complete in itself, the predictions are wrong, why? Defect or deficiency is not in astrology. Predictors due to imperfect knowledge of the count, etc. are lacking and would discredit astrology. Today, many successful traders in the scientific era, politicians, high officials, etc. architecture, astrology and receive guidance from numerology to reach the pinnacle of progress. Astrology is not required to be confused about. In astrology, most of the knowledge problem exists

Pooja/Tantra           पूजा / तंत्र

    Your current and future problems and to alleviate suffering, mantra, tantra, ritual and sacrifice provides for the physical, mental, economic and educational problems can be overcome.

Marriage Ghat-Vivah Anushthan Hawan
Our Products           हमारे उत्पाद

    Holding Proven Yantra, proven pendent, perfected Rudraksh and proven beats and chanting the mantras, the husband - wife Subjugation, case, education and job hurdles, physical, mental problems can be overcome.

Charged Yantra Rudraksh Garlands Pendant


DISCLAMER-There are no guarantees that every person using this service will get their desired results for sure.
Astrological results depend on a lot of factors and the results may vary from person to person.