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दीक्षान्त समारोह फोटो

Eighty Four Kind of Gems
  1. Ruby—This colours red but some are of reddish black colour. Both effect same. It represents Sun.
  2. Pearl—This colours mostly shining white but is of light pink and light yellow colour also. It represents Moon.
  3. Coral—This colours red, red-onide's red or white. It represents Mars.
  4. Emerald—This colours green or greenigh white. It may be transperant and opaque. It represents merecury.
  5. Yellow Sapphire—This colours yellow or white. It is transparent. It represents Jupiter.
  6. Diamond—This is the hardest and most precious (cin. It's colour is white, pink, yellow and black. In astrology represents Venus.
  7. Blue of light Sapphire—This colours blue like peacock's neck or is transperant of light blue colour. The dark Blue Sapphire is called Bankak's Sapphire. The light blue colour sapphire as called seeloni sapphire. It represents Saturn.
  8. Hessonite or Gomed—This colours red with black or red with yellow. This colours Gau-Mutra also. It repre sents Rahu.
  9. Cat's Eye—This colours greenish yellow and some are blackish greem. This has lines as cat's eye, so this named cat's eye. It represents Ketu.

The semi-gems are listed as follows:
  1. Citrine—This colours golden bright and is transpar ent. This is the semi-gem of Jupiter. Rossaries are made of this gem and also studded in rings and necklaces also.
  2. Amethyst—This colours light violet, shining and transparent. This is the semi-gem of Satirin. Rossaries are made Of this.
  3. Rock Crystal—This colours white, shining and transperant. This is the semi-gem of Venus. It is used in rings, rossaries, idols and Shri Yantra.
  4. Malachite-This colours green and has light green linings. It is good to wear kidney pain, so it called as Kidney stone also.
  5. Turquoise-This colours greenish blue and sky blue also. This is opaque and is a semi-gem for mercury.
  6. Peridot—This is soft and colours green and is a semi-gem of mercury in the astrology.
  7. Tourmaline—This is found in different colours but mostly in pink, green and blue. On the basis of its colour, it is used as a semi-gem of different planets.
  8. Opal—This colours mostly white and occurs stains of different colours. This is a very soft gem and so is breakable. This is used in place of Diamond.
  9. Gold Stone or Aventurine Quartz—This colours dark saffron and opaque and occurs golden lining-spots. It is used in rings, Darshan-Jodi and rosaries.
  10. Zircon—This is called American Diamond also. This colours mostly white but some are of red and yellow colour also. It resembles diamond and studded in ornaments.
  11. Fortification Agate-It colours dirty yellow and has yellow zig-zag linings. It is good in piles.
  12. Lapis Lazuli—This colours blue and has white spots. This is an important semi-gem of Saturn. It is used in studs, rosaries and lockets etc.
  13. Garnet—This colours blackish red. This is a semi gemof Ruby. It is used in studs and rosaries.
  14. Moon Stone-This is called Gau-danti also and is i semi-gem of pearl.
  15. Gun Metal or Hematite-This is a shining black semi-gem and represents Saturn.
  16. Load Stone-This is magnet-stone, colours shin “p. black. This attracts iron-pieces and is useful in blood rc s ire.
  17. Malanite or Andradite Earnet—This colours black and occurs a shining star on its surface. It represents Saturn.
  18. Chatiyant Quartz or Tiger Eye—On its surface are present yellow and black shining belt as a tiger has colour belts on its body. It is a semi-gem of Ketu and Jupiter. It is used in studs and rossaries.
  19. Jade/Jadeite—This colours blue and green. It rep resents Mercury and Saturn.
  20. Onyx—This colours green or blue and represents Mercury and Saturn.
  21. Agate—This colours different and has belts on surfaces. According to different colours it represents differ ent rashes.
  22. Sulemani Onyx—This colours black and has white belts on it.
  23. Sardonyx—This colours dark red and is a good semi-gem for Mars.
  24. Aquamarine-This colours light green and repre sents Emerald.
  25. Smoky Quartz—This colours like smoke with golden touch.
  26. Moss Agate-This has different colours and natu rally has spots of flowers and leaves on it.
  27. Heliodor—This colours a mixture of green and white. It is said that it encourages the person and the wearer not is feared.
  28. Alexandrite-This colours blue and violet.
  29. Spinel Ruby—This colours pink as a rose flower.
  30. Romni—This colours dark red with some blackish touch.
  31. Spinel—This colours red with some yellowish touch.
  32. A Kind or Marbel(Ludhia)—This colours dark red.
  33. Pink Sapphire (Group of Corundum)—This is a semi-gem of corundum and colours pink and white.
  34. Sodalite—This is called as KAKA NILI also. It colours blue and is a substitute of Blue Sapphire.
  35. Blood Stone-This colours green and has red spots.
  36. Bamboo Stone-This is soft and colours light green.
  37. Door-E-Nazaf (Floor Stone)—This colours like green paddy.
  38. A Kind of Agate-This colours brown with black linings.
  39. A Variety of Onyx—This colours brown and has cream colour linings on it.
  40. Sivar—This colours green and has brown linings.
  41. A Kind of Zircon—This colours pinkish yellow.
  42. Rhodonite—This colours pink and has big spots on its surface.
  43. Abri—This colours black.
  44. Kudrat—This colours black and has spots of white and yellow colour.
  45. Chatoyant—This colours black and has golden lines.
  46. White Jade—This colours a mixture of white and grape-green colour.
  47. A Kind of Marble-This is a semi-gem of Makrana-marble.
  48. Marble-This has different colours.
  49. Basanite-This colours ink-black and is used to check gold and silver.
  50. Braunite—This colours dark brown and tiny spots of yellow.
  51. A Variety of Agate-This is a variety of agate and . olours green with yellowish and is used in rosaries.
  52. Sand Stone—This colours pink. Its colours mov ing if we wave it by hand.
  53. Move-Najaf (Floor Stone)—This colours white and has black linings.
  54. Amber—This colours red and is used in rosaries.
  55. Jharna—This colours Muddy.
  56. Sangbasari (A Kind of Antimony)—This is used in eye-surama.
  57. Achroite—This is smooth, watery and colours white and green.
  58. Spider Stone-This colours light black and has spider web on its surface.
  59. Sangia (A Kind of Gypsum)—This is white and resembles Sailkhari.
  60. Gudari (A Kind of Marble)—This colours yel low.
  61. Amazonite-This colours a mixture of blue and green colour.
  62. Kansala (A Variety of Turmaline)—This colours whitish green.
  63. Eye Agate-This colours black with some brown ish touch.
  64. Hawas—This colours green with some golden touch.
  65. Mysore Star—This colours red with blackish touch and is a semi-gem of Ruby.
  66. Dhedi (A Kind of Marble)—This colours black and is used in making crucibles of different sizes.
  67. Gauri (A Kind of Agate)—This has many colours with linings and is a hard stone.
  68. Black Marble—This is black and is used in idols.
  69. Prophyry—This colours red with yellowish and tiny spots of pink colour.
  70. Jet—This colours white and muddy. It is used in cups and kharal.
  71. A Variety of Agate or Sard Pebble-This colours black with green.
  72. A Variety of Marble-This colours pink with light black.
  73. Epidote-This colours dark brown.
  74. Tiliyar—This colours black with white spots.
  75. Tektites—This colours black with some greenish touch.
  76. A Kind of Soft Stone-This colours white.
  77. Gypsum—This is a white, soft and smooth stone and is used in cosmetics-items.
  78. Serpentine-This colours a mixture of white ,green and black. This is used in snake-poisoning therapy.
  79. Jasper—This has two colours red and blue. It is called Raat-Ratua also. This is useful in night-fever.
  80. Marcasite-This colours muddy-white.
  81. Mazrat-E-Ud—This is a black stone.
  82. Antimony—This is a black soft stone and is used in surma.
  83. Philosophers Stone-This is a unavailable stone and it is said that iron converts in gold after touching it J'here are many stories said about it.
  84. Rainbo Quartz—This is a shining and white colour which stone scatters many colours in sun-light.
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