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दीक्षान्त समारोह फोटो

     Jyotish Ratna : This course has been designed for amateur students who are putting their first step into astrology. The course comprises of fundamental calculations, planets in different signs and houses of horoscopes and predictions thereof. Using of panchang is also taught. This course is meant to give a grasp of fundamentals of astrology.
     Jyotish Bhushan : This is a second step in astrology after Jyotish Ratna. Here, additional calculations and complete analysis of horoscope and remedies thereof is taught. A comprehensive information is provided on Horoscope Matching and Muhurtas. After this course the student is able to predict or match the horoscopes and find muhurtas of common use.
     Jyotish Prabhakar : The syllabus includes horary astrology and Varshphal (Annual predictions). Detailed knowledge of Horary and annual horoscope is taught. Additionally student is taught about shad bal- the six fold planetary strength.
     Jyotish Shastracharya : This is the last step of astrology course. In this course an introduction to different systems of astrology like Jaimini or Krishna Murthy system is given to students for providing a wider knowledge. Under Mundane Astrology, predicting events of the country and the world and forecasting weather is taught here. Longevity calculations are also taught.
     Jyotish Rishi : This course is meant for those astrologers who know astrology and are practising it but are not strong in forecasting. The course aims at revising and honing predictive skills through predictive techniques & matching of horoscopes. Analysis of important horoscopes is done and basic texts of astrology are studied. It is mandatory to write a thesis & complete a project.
     Jyotish Maharshi : This programme is meant for research. Collection of data and research are the aims. To verify the theories described in ancient texts and to formulate new principles are the main objectives.
     The duration may be 1 to 3 years. A thesis and publication of articles in journals or magazines are essentials for this course.
     ADMISSION PROCEDURE FOR COURSES: The students desiring admission in any course should fill up the 2 forms enclosed with this booklet and deposit the money along with form at the desired centre of study Or       DOWNLOAD FORM       from
     The amount may be deposited by a demand draft or cheque in favour of centre or Chapter Chairperson or by cash.
     Please decide the course of study of your choice and confirm the duration and timing of course from the centre at the time of admission.
     ELIGIBILITY FOR COURSES : There are no prerequisites of knowledge in Astrology for Jyotish Ratna, Vastu Ratna, Ank Jyotishacharya and Samudrik Ratna. Any person who has passed 10+2 can get admission.
     The admissions are given in the following steps. Jyotish Ratna, Jyotish Bhushan, Jyotish Prabhakar, .Jyotish Shastracharya. After passing Vastu Ratna admission may be sought in Vastu Shastracharya. Similarly, after Samudrik Ratna admission may be sought in Samudrik Shastracharya.
     Rishi Programme is a study of original texts and examples of important personalities or buildings is done. A revision of the basic course is also done. The practising astrologers, Vastu specialists or Palmists who are desirous of strengthening their knowledge may take admission in Rishi Programme. The minimum requirement for Jyotish Rishi is Jyotish Shastracharya or equivalent or 3 years experience in astrology.
     Practising Vastu specialists or those who have done Vastu Shastracharya, one may join Vastu Rishi. Similarly after Samudrik Shastracharya or practising Palmist may join Samudrik Rishi.
     For research in astrology, admission may be taken in Jyotish Maharshi. For this requirement is Jyotish Rishi or 5 years experience in astrology.
     For research in Vastu admission is offered in Vastu Maharshi. For this vastu Rishi or 2 years experience in Vastu is essential.
     For research in Samudrik Shastra students may take admission in Samudrik Maharshi. The desired qualification for admission is Samudrik Rishi or 2 years experience.
(In Rupees) (US$)
Jyotish Ratna Rs. 5,000 US$ 300
Jyotish Bhushan Rs. 5,000 US$ 300
Jyotish Prabhakar Rs. 6,000 US$ 300
Jyotish Shastrachaya Rs. 6,000 US$ 300
Jyotish Rishi Rs. 8,000 US$ 350
Jyotish Maharishi Rs.12,000 US$ 450
TIME PERIOD OF COURSES: Each course will be compete in 3 months. These on few centres can be completed in 3 months on the basis of more frequent classes. Out of this last 2 classes are meant for examinations. Few classes are earmarked for discussions and invited guests. According to the syllabus time duration of classes may be reduced or extended.
Pooja/Tantra           पूजा / तंत्र

    Your current and future problems and to alleviate suffering, mantra, tantra, ritual and sacrifice provides for the physical, mental, economic and educational problems can be overcome.

Marriage Ghat-Vivah Anushthan Hawan
Our Products           हमारे उत्पाद

    Holding Proven Yantra, proven pendent, perfected Rudraksh and proven beats and chanting the mantras, the husband - wife Subjugation, case, education and job hurdles, physical, mental problems can be overcome.

Charged Yantra Rudraksh Garlands Pendant
Education              शिक्षा
    Our education system spread astronomy, astrology, by the Committee of architecture and numerology, etc. while providing education. This organization, All Indian astrology institution associated with the Union, New Delhi (affiliated).
Courses Examination Result Student
Publications           प्रकाशन

    By providing you with the knowledge of Astrology and Vastu, the advancement of life for us, bi - monthly "Bhavishy Nirnay" magazine, Panchangam, kaaldarshak (calendar) and small pocket Panchangam is published.

Magzine Calender Panchang Articles


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