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दीक्षान्त समारोह फोटो

      FENGSHUI is a combination of two words FENG and SHUI where FENG = air, SHUI = water. It was invented by farmers of china for there growth, they believe that whatever positive and negative happens is due to natural energies which occur from nature. Whereas today, they believe that FENGSHUI helps in living a better life. According to a theory, FENGSHUI was invented 3000 years ago, than it spread from JAPAN to SOUTH, than in EAST ASIA. Whereas others believe that Indian VASTU SHASTRA was introduced in TIBET, then in CHINA and JAPAN, further changed according their needs and named as FENGSHUI.
      But geographical conditions of INDIA and CHINA are different, due to which for Indians it is not useful.
      Chinese people strongly believe that invisible energies of nature gives direct impact on our future. It is believed, that growth, health and natural powers all these three are influenced by natures air and water i.e. FENGSHUI. Chinese people believe that in human life whatever fame we got is related with energies occurred from earth. Whatever good or bad happens in a person life is related to home and commercial VASTU of places. FENGSHUIS aim is to change the atmosphere or surrounding in a positive direction, so as to adjust with natural conditions or to adjust with nature. We should have proper knowledge in every field i.e. numerology, VASTU, TANTRA as all are related to each other.
      In FENGSHUI two things matter most, YIN and YANG. All natural forces are yin and yang, yin is female and yang is male. Adjustment between yin and yang is very necessary for any kind of situation. Whole universe is divided in these two i.e. male, female; and if these two are not together than no success.
Moon Sun
Winters Summer
Dark Light
Female Male
Internal External
Low High
Stable Moving
Passive Active
Odd numbers Even numbers
Earth Heaven
Negative Positive
Night Day
      YIN and YANG spread positive lessons in whole universe as it establish collocation by mythological powers. Yin and Yang are two energies which are enemy of each other, as well as dependent on each other. For example, a magnet has magnet on its both sides, similarly nature has two sides where one side is Yin and other side is Yang. Due to these energies a thing gets its fulfillment and the power of this double element is known as TAO. Doctors believe that yin is internal part of body and yang is external part of body, and these should not be unbalanced. CHI- ENERGIES are also their which means when FENGSHUI is proper than, energies which are born are chi- energies. It is important that chi- energies should be positive as they provide a delightful atmosphere.

Pooja/Tantra           पूजा / तंत्र

    Your current and future problems and to alleviate suffering, mantra, tantra, ritual and sacrifice provides for the physical, mental, economic and educational problems can be overcome.

Marriage Ghat-Vivah Anushthan Hawan
Our Products           हमारे उत्पाद

    Holding Proven Yantra, proven pendent, perfected Rudraksh and proven beats and chanting the mantras, the husband - wife Subjugation, case, education and job hurdles, physical, mental problems can be overcome.

Charged Yantra Rudraksh Garlands Pendant
Education              शिक्षा
    Our education system spread astronomy, astrology, by the Committee of architecture and numerology, etc. while providing education. This organization, All Indian astrology institution associated with the Union, New Delhi (affiliated).
Courses Examination Result Student
Publications           प्रकाशन

    By providing you with the knowledge of Astrology and Vastu, the advancement of life for us, bi - monthly "Bhavishy Nirnay" magazine, Panchangam, kaaldarshak (calendar) and small pocket Panchangam is published.

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