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दीक्षान्त समारोह फोटो

In FENGSHUI also there are 5 elements, wood, fire, earth, metal and water.
      1. WOOD: Direction for this element is E and S.E; it is green in color and represents progress. It is a family oriented element and flexible in nature. People having wood element are full of energy, planners as they daily plan new things. Their personality is impressive due to which they are successful. These people are of adjustable nature. If we look up to the negative points of wood then, people having this element are patience less, full of anger. Usually they don’t succeed in the work which they have started. They are towards art, very artistic. To represent wood we can use plants, greenery or its pictures; but don’t place bamboo plants in S.E they can be in mid area. If wood element is less then happiness is less.
      2. FIRE: Its color is red, direction is S. People who are full of fire element are inspirational and rational. On the other side they are inspiring, intelligent also. It is a substitute of light, light, warmness and happiness, which is a necessity of life. It also gives knowledge of respect and justice. But if it is more in anything or place than a blast or destruction can happen. In difficult situations it provides knowledge of war and attack. People absorbing fire element are abound with inspirit, energetic, continuer and full of patience, they hate principles and rules. Positive point is that people having this element are cheerful whereas, negative point is that, if it is more than the person will be un-tolerable, selfish and will be using others. To represent fire we can use red color, candles, pictures related with fire or sun rising or electrical appliances.
      3. EARTH: Its color is yellow or creamy yellow, direction is S.W, N.E and center. Land i.e. Earth is an indication of trustworthy, loyalty and mercifulness. People absorbing this element are very soft by nature, loves to take responsibilities and enjoy them. These people are very helpful, behaves very well, energetic, loyal, honest, trustworthy and full of patience. But if it is more then gives negative impact and the person becomes dominating. To represent earth we can place pictures of mountain, globe materials made of sphitic, rock and mud.
      4. METAL: Its color is golden, direction is W or N.W. Its relation is more with luxurious success. People having this element are defined with their thinking, are full of knowledge. These people are always ahead in making plans, are full of religious principles. Its nature is that it represents quality of materials they are also indicators who taught about the direction. Whereas the negative point of metal is that, these people are very hard or rude in behavior, they do not help others easily, as they are not off helping nature. They are very serious by nature due to which they get depressed. To represent it we can hang wind chimes with golden or silver sticks, according the direction .i.e. N.W and mid- W.
      5. WATER: Its color is black “Indians don’t agree” and blue, whereas direction is N. It represents sociality, art work, futurist and intelligence. People who have this element are full of inspiration, sensitive and are interested in learning. It is an indication of art, beauty, very clever and knows how to get their work done by others. They are sensitive when it comes to others mentality or thinking. They take hazards and do work which is profitable. They are off flexible nature and trustworthy, interested in studies and religion, are those who express their feelings and artistic, socialist, sympathizer, sensitive, sentimental and unstable also. To represent it we can place fish aquarium, water pictures, fountain, glass bowl filled with water and flowers in that.
Pooja/Tantra           पूजा / तंत्र

    Your current and future problems and to alleviate suffering, mantra, tantra, ritual and sacrifice provides for the physical, mental, economic and educational problems can be overcome.

Marriage Ghat-Vivah Anushthan Hawan
Our Products           हमारे उत्पाद

    Holding Proven Yantra, proven pendent, perfected Rudraksh and proven beats and chanting the mantras, the husband - wife Subjugation, case, education and job hurdles, physical, mental problems can be overcome.

Charged Yantra Rudraksh Garlands Pendant
Education              शिक्षा
    Our education system spread astronomy, astrology, by the Committee of architecture and numerology, etc. while providing education. This organization, All Indian astrology institution associated with the Union, New Delhi (affiliated).
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Publications           प्रकाशन

    By providing you with the knowledge of Astrology and Vastu, the advancement of life for us, bi - monthly "Bhavishy Nirnay" magazine, Panchangam, kaaldarshak (calendar) and small pocket Panchangam is published.

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